Phat Yaks

Freshly made street food cafe/takeaway with a Nepalese twist

Kingsmead Square, Bath. UK
01225 571 057

Open Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5.30pm. Closed on Sundays

Perfect for lunch - Nepalese hotpots, shekuwa (little meat kebabs), pakora (seasonal vegetable fritters), baguettes, wraps, and a range of freshly made salads will be available.

Drinks, include speciality coffee, lassi (Nepalese yoghurt shakes) and a range of premium cold drinks.

AVAILABLE TO TAKE AWAY: Curry In A Hurry! Takeaway pots of delicious freshly cooked food to pick up on your way home. Details coming soon or call in to find out more and pick up your Curry In A Hury.


Some examples of our food.